Tuesday, March 24, 2009

ExDetectives at The Airliner

The Studiofix were excellent - their bluesy rock the equivalent of an all girl Jimi Hendrix Experience. Certainly the singer's guitar playing has improved since I last saw them - quite a feat as she never stops bouncing around. The drumming is the highlight though - one of the best drummers (male or female) I've seen on the local LA scene. Not sure any of their songs are particularly memorable but fun nonetheless...

Anny Celsi and Nelson Bragg were cool. The songs were stripped-down singer-songwriter fare and you could imagine them having an alt-country flavor with a full backing band. Props for covering two great songs - Lulu's 'To Sir with Love' and Nancy & Lee's 'Some Velvet morning'...

Old Toy Trains are another band who I haven't seen for a while but they are still doing their thing... Their thing is an ultra lo-fi early Creation vibe - like if Pat Fish was a smack addict who never met Max Eider. By the way, thanks for the JBC dvd Chris!

ExDetectives were fun - playing with an abandon that was infectious. Maybe they were excited to welcome back Meriah after their stand-in bass player at the last show! She certainly adds the X(X) factor and 'Return' was an appropriate best song of the set.

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