Friday, March 21, 2008

Vampire Weekend/Yacht at the El Rey

Yacht were entertaining... A low-fi boy/girl combo singing to fractured nu-rave backing tapes... The guy's singing and dancing reminded me of a young David Byrne and the staccato rhythms gave an indication of what Talking Heads would have sounded like in a different era.

Vampire Weekend look like Haircut 100, youthful college kids wearing button down shirts and v-neck sweaters with the sleeves rolled up! The singer even had the trademark high-slung tan jazz guitar for god sake... Anyways, looks apart they sound like The Magic Numbers but with a taste of Paul Simon Africana. The keyboard player has a nice Mellotron sound that added a touch of 'Strawberry Fields' but used it in too many songs...

Unfortunately, I couldn't get Nick Heywood off my mind and I swear the last number sounded like 'Favourite Shirt'...


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