Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ed Harcourt/Everest at the Echoplex

We arrived towards the end of Everest's set - which was a shame because they were excellent. They looked like The Band (doesn't everyone these days?) and sounded a little like them too which is no bad thing. The singer had a Dankoesque cool angularity and has a great voice, tone not unlike Jeff Buckley but without the falsetto histrionics...

Also drinking heavily from the Buckley cup is Ed Harcourt. Looking increasingly like Elton John these days, the portly Ed sweated his way through his increasingly depressing repertoir. He could have at least played 'Apple of my eye' (maybe he did after we left...) or something remotely happy sounding. He at least brought a band on tour this time but even a couple of attractive girls on bass and violin wasn't enough to keep me heading to the couches at the back after 3 songs!

Here is Elton Harcourt in action last night:


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