Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Providence on Melrose

Last night I had the best food I've ever tasted - at Providence on Melrose Ave! An old friend from the UK was over, investigative journalist Ben Anderson, and he had been recommended the restaurant by his friend - Providence's mixologist Zahra Bates.

Zahra made us some wonderful cocktails when we arrived - I had a Sicilian which was excellent. After sitting for our meal we were brought some plates of Amuse Bouche - the first of which were cocktail spheres (chilled gelee versions of traditional cocktails.) The three spheres were mojito, gin and tonic and Greyhound.

The next Amuse Bouche was a savoury plate featuring some sort of cream pastry and carrot soup. For appetizer, I had the delicious Maine lobster risotto, with Laura and Ben both opting for the sweet pea ravioli. For my main course I had the air-chilled muscovy duck which was amazing, Laura had salmon, and Ben had the Santa Barbara spot prawns, which were prepared at the table - the giant shrimp appearing from under a bed of sea salt before being shelled by the waiter.

For dessert, Laura and I shared some exotically flavored ice-creams - the highlight of which was the cream cheese flavor. Ben had the milk chocolate whisky panna cotta which was also wonderful. Finally, we were brought some Petit Fours: Olive Oil Pate de Fruit, Coconut Green Tea Chocolate Truffle, and Black Olive Caramel.

Providence was not only great food but a wonderful dining experience!

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