Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Pigeon Detectives at Spaceland

First band were a very poor Magic Numbers imitation called Free Lions... Free is supposed to be a magic number but there was precious little magic in evidence, except for wanting them to disappear. Marks out of ten? Is zero a number? Lemon Sun however were excellent - the swampy rock and roll of Head combined with the pop sensibilities of the New Radicals. My only criticism was the southern rock/70's porn star image portrayed by three of the band - they should take a leaf out of the rockabilly image of the Boz Boorer look-a-like guitarist...

The Pigeon Detectives were very good... Obviously a close musical relative of fellow Yorkshiremen Arctic Monkeys but whatever they lack in clever lyrics (they are more Wedding Present than Arctic Monkeys in this department...) they make up for in energy, with vocalist Matt Bowman running around like the energizer bunny and swinging the microphone like a crazed Roger Daltry. Didn't he have a dodgy perm at one point too?

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