Sunday, February 21, 2010

Robert James 'Voz Roja'

On 'Voz Roja', James' folky blues is somewhere between the blues of the OC's Parker Macy and the folkier side of David Shane Smith (who is on engineering and production duties on these recordings...)

The 5 solo acoustic songs are underpinned by some ambient background noise like birds in a forest, a typewriter and people drinking in a bar, and these give the songs a certain pathos when combined with James' pained delivery... The centerpiece of the EP is the excellent 'Ain't No One', with some effective backing vocals and panning which pushes the song into Bon Iver territory.

'Voz Roja' (red voice) is certainly an applicable title for this EP as James' firey delivery is never short of passionate. I've seen people play the blues because they want to, but Robert James plays them because he has to...

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