Friday, February 5, 2010

ExDetectives at Silverlake Lounge

The newly shorn ExDetectives sounded excellent last night at Silverlake Lounge. Unlike Samson, who lost his powers after a haircut, ExDetectives seem to have gained theirs, via rejection of all things hursuit. The guitars were playing together rather than against each other, the bass sounded clear and warm, and the drums were as tight as a nut. All these factors in place provided a rock solid background for Faris and Meriah's fragile vocals to work as intended. A great set...


Deep Sea Diver is Beck and Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist Jessica Dobsons' band. They sound like a female fronted Grizzly Bear - Dobson's reverb drenched guitar right out of Veckatimest. The vocal is like St Vincent or whoever the preferred muso chanteuse of the day is - in other words nothing to write home about. I found their set a little boring to be honest and lacking any emotion...

Deep Sea Diver

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