Friday, July 4, 2008

Deconstruction 16

I've been thinking about a podcast of cover versions for a while and suddenly you end up with enough ideas for two or three... I tried not to pick the obvious choices like Jeff Buckley's 'Hallelujah' instead going with Leonard Cohen's 'I'm your man', not least cos Bill Pritchard is a nice chap... Also, it would have been unfair to include just one song from 'Scott Walker sings Jacques Brel' so I chose Dusty's almost perfect (aside from the spoken line in that lovely welsh accent!) version of Brel's 'If you go away'... Other bands have a few covers to choose from like Divine Comedy (Brel's Jackie, QOTSA's 'No one knows', 'Make it easy on yourself' etc), the Trashcans did Scott Walker's 'Little things that keep us together' and Weller/The Jam have done a few classics including The Beatles 'Sexy Sadie', The Kinks 'David Watts', Martha and the Vandella's 'Heatwave' and topically the theme from Batman... A couple of songs I couldn't find were The Waterboys version of 'Purple Rain' and Travis' 'Hit me baby one more time...' I'm sure everyone has there own favourites so give me your ideas for 'Covers 2'...

01 Primal Scream featuring PP Arnold - Understanding (The Small Faces)
02 The Go! Team - Bull in the heather (Sonic Youth)
03 Jarvis Cocker & Kid Loco - I'm just came to tell you I'm going (Serge Gainsbourg)
04 Bill Pritchard - I'm Your Man (Leonard Cohen)
05 Cat Power - Stuck inside of Mobil (Bob Dylan)
06 The Divine Comedy - There is a light (The Smiths)
07 Happy Mondays - Step On (John Kongos)
08 Tricky - Black Steel (Public Enemy)
09 Michael Stipe - L'Hotel (Serge Gainsbourg)
10 Dusty Springfield - If you go away (Jacques Brel)
11 Paul Weller - Wishing on a star (Rose Royce)
12 Trashcan Sinatras - To Sir with Love (Lulu)
13 The Kills - I call it art (Serge Gainsbourg)

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