Saturday, May 10, 2008

Elbow at The Avalon

A lot of people seem to like Elbow. This is fine but I've always found them a little bland - instantly forgettable with no real musical identity. I was wrong! They do have a musical identity but unfortunately it is someone elses... Sounding like Talk Talk is no bad thing, especially when the majority of people aren't too familiar with them other than 'Life's what you make it' (isn't that by No Doubt asks young hipster!) But it's a pale impression of Talk Talk, watered down and a little boring. Actually, it's not all Talk Talk, there are definite nods to Blue Nile and Trash Can Sinatras in the quieter songs and when they play a heavier song it's Doves lite... It wasn't all bad - 'Leaders of the Free World' and 'Grounds for Divorce' at least caused a flicker of interest to the listener... So how was it overall? A little boring actually...


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