Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Cribs at The Roxy

Support act The Blood Arm were very Sunset Strip - a cheesy bar-band nine parts Meatloaf to one part The Magic Numbers. The singer certainly had the energy and look of Meat (all hair, waistcoat and perspiration) but lacked the charisma; I bet you're thinking two out of three ain't bad but it was. The music was lacking any sort of groove (no bass player) as the piano/organ and lone guitarist tried to keep time with some ramshackle drumming.

The Cribs were much as I remembered - punky northern lad-rock.. However, the inclusion of Johnny Marr has certainly sweetened the sound somewhat and they put on an exciting live show... It remains to be seen how long The Cribs will hold Marr's attention in the long run - they definitely lost my attention within 45 minutes...

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