Friday, February 29, 2008

A murder on Easy Street

Last night as we were coming home from South Pasadena around 11pm, we noticed a police helicopter circling the neighborhood, shining a spotlight. We assumed they were over the 110 freeway but as we came up Ave 64 we could see the action was closer to home. As we pulled into Easy Street we could see about a dozen cop cars, lights flashing... We turned left onto Rutland as usual to come up the hill and back onto Larker facing down the hill towards Easy. There was nothing on the local news, although the helicopter continued circling for a couple of hours at least. This morning I came down Larker and there were still loads of police milling around at a house on Easy St directly opposite Larker. Laura called around 30 minutes later so say it was on the news, a murder of a woman who lived there - no other details thus far.

A little scary, considering it's a real quiet neighborhood...

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